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Did you know?

It only takes on average 15 minutes to collect a proper sample of DNA.

A cheek swab sample from your mouth will produce the same DNA results as a blood sample.

Some paternity labs will call your house marketing new products. At Genetic Professionals we believe in your privacy and never abuse our clients' trust.

Affordable DNA Tests

Lowest price for high-quality DNA testing and free consultation
Price can be a major factor when choosing a service. Unlike other low-cost paternity testing companies, who could be offering inferior testing methods, we have worked hard to optimize and improve the variables that affect the cost of a paternity test: technology, properly trained personnel, experience in paternity testing, PhDs laboratory directors, proper set-up of facilities, and others.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, which includes advanced robotics systems, allows us to eliminate a significant amount of manual steps. This streamlining not only eliminates possible human errors, but also lowers costs dramatically. Our highly efficient testing process also helps us to carry the benefits over to our customers, offering you very affordable paternity testing fees.

At $95, you are able to take the highest quality test at the lowest price possible in the industry, only with Genetic Professionals.

The laboratory staff at Genetic Professionals uses the latest technology to ensure that the testing is as accurate as possible. Using the 13 CODIS loci established by the FBI as the standard for DNA testing, plus 3 additional loci, each test is held to the highest quality standard. In an effort to lower production costs, some laboratories choose not to use all 13 loci. Sometimes, satisfactory results can be achieved by using fewer than 13 loci. However, the most accurate testing is achieved when all possibilities are examined. Laboratories such as ours are able to employ an efficient testing process as well as achieve accuracy and proper technique with every test. Any laboratory that does not use the proper technology to its fullest extent is jeopardizing the accuracy of its results. Learn more about our Accurate Results

Our DNA test has been designed to pay close attention to detail, which is critical for accuracy. The testing process has been refined to eliminate any waste of time or materials involved with paternity testing. Furthermore, our laboratory has the ability to process a high volume of cases, ensuring immediate processing of all incoming samples. The laboratory staff performing the tests, as well as the PhD scientists performing the analysis of the data, are devoted to carefully processing each test on an individual basis.

To provide accessible customer services for you, we also offer free consultations to all our clients. Feel free to contact us with your questions by calling toll-free at 1-800-681-7512.


Call us toll-free at 1-800-681-7512
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